Mariana Favila

Del árbol a la canoa: surcando el mar en Mesoamérica

Mariana Favila Vázquez is Visiting Professor of Archeology at the ENAH (National School of Anthropology and History) and a research associate in the project “Digging into early colonial Mexico: a large-scale computational analysis of 16th century historical sources” of the University of Lancaster, United Kingdom and the Museo de Templo Mayor in Mexico. Her research has focused on indigenous pre-hispanic and colonial navigation traditions in the Mesoamerican cultural area. She has published several articles and a book related to the application of spatial analysis and water routes in Mesoamerica and New Spain.

Chet Van Duzer

“Monsters, Exploration, and Maps: The Oceans from Antiquity to 1600”

Chet Van Duzer has published extensively on medieval and Renaissance maps in journals such as Imago Mundi, Terrae Incognitae and Word & Image. He is also the author of Johann Schöner’s Globe of 1515: Transcription and Study, the first detailed analysis of one of the earliest surviving terrestrial globes that includes the New World; and (with John Hessler) Seeing the World Anew: The Radical Vision of Martin Waldseemüller’s  1507 & 1516 World Maps. His book Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps was published in 2013 by the British Library, and in 2014 the Library of Congress published a study of Christopher Columbus’s Book of Privileges which he co-authored with John Hessler and Daniel De Simone.